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The clothes are off, it’s time to get down to business. Working in a lingerie shop, it was an occupational hazard for entrepreneur Clare Haines. “But often they feel like they have to tell you their life story just because they have taken their clothes off.” Haines briefly flirted with bricks and mortar after launching Lingerie Outlet Store in 2009 on e Bay from her garage in Swindon.But the naked customers proved too much to handle and she quickly switched back to selling exclusively through the online platform. With online customer service, they only tell you what you need to know,” she says.

Experts shed light on vital areas of otherwise inexplicable knowledge.

Experts are not, as Michael Gove once said, something the fair populace of Britain has 'had enough' of. Today, people with the very real job title of 'lingerie expert' have rounded up the cardinal sins of downstairs dressing.

Stocking over twenty brands, ranging from the more affordable Freya to the iconic Agent Provocateur, as well as handy lingerie accessories like strap solutions and shoulder cushions, you’d be hard pushed to leave with an empty (online) basket. Boux Avenue Boux Avenue has quickly become a high street favourite with 28 stores in the UK alone but their online service is just as impressive.

Here, you will find everything from everyday essentials to something a little sexier.

“When I started the business eight years ago e Bay was the only place I could sell the product online and get instant, transparent feedback from customers,” she says.

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