Dating a bipolar girlfriend

by  |  23-Jan-2020 14:52

In fact, many personality disordered abusers often evade treatment and proper diagnosis. First, many of these individuals have Jekyll and Hyde personalities — they behave themselves in public and abuse behind closed doors.They can be very skilled at manipulation and are even able to fool seasoned mental health professionals.

Even though their divorce was still ongoing, the couple rekindled their relationship in February 2015 and moved back in with each other.

They remained together, even as their divorce became finalized in October.

Behaviors and actions did not resemble the Kristin I once was.

The sneak attack followed and I lost all interest in hanging out with friends. At school I felt invisible and hid away in a library cubicle between classes and during lunch. I lived a double life; lying to my parents was as easy as breathing.

In other cases, she may not qualify for an official diagnosis, but it doesn’t really matter.

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