Dating chanel perfume

by  |  12-Dec-2019 12:15

Ok, kidlets, I put in bids on two auctions for vintage No5 extrait, and much to my surprise, I ended up winning them both!

So, now I have one bottle in hand and another on the way..I'm not sure which to keep or what the date is on either.

Instead of fresh or sunny notes, as there are in his Bulgari creation Eau Parfumée au Thé Vert, Chanel No. 19 the melancholy, poetic one.) I can't wait to get my reference Iris fragrance — the legendary Iris Gris by Jacques Fath.

19 was composed by Henri Robert to commemorate Coco Chanel’s eighty-seventh birthday on August 19.

Although its strange coldness has prompted many reviewers to conjure up the somewhat sexist image of a ruthless businesswoman who would wear this "in 3 inch stilettos and pencil skirts" (Tania Sanchez in Perfumes: The Guide), to me, its earthy, rooty notes suggest a witch in an enchanted forest rather than a bitch in a boardroom. There's galbanum in this — why isn't it tooting its horn?

It's important to say that -since there are no correlations with years- you will never have 100% accuracy....unless you get official statements from Chanel.

70xx: October 2013 69xx: September 2013 68xx: August 201367xx: July 201366xx: June 201365xx: May 201364xx: April 2013 63xx: March 2013 62xx: February 2013 61xx: January 2013 60xx: December 2012 59xx: November 2012 58xx: October 2012 57xx: September 2012 56xx: August 2012 55xx: July 2012 54xx: June 2012 53xx: May 2012 52xx: April 2012 51xx: March 2012 50xx: February 2012 and so on) (Greendots since 1992, short ingredient list only during 1998-2004) (note: be aware, since 10xx could mean 1992 or 2000, so you should know the year of launch, the edition, the shape of the bottle, the writings, labels, short ingredients, or have some extra clue) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Previously we recognized, batch-by-batch, year-by-year: -GUERLAIN perfumes ( here ) -YVES SAINT LAURENT perfumes ( here ) -CHRISTIAN DIOR perfumes ( here ) -ARMANI perfumes ( here ) -VAN CLEEF et ARPELS perfumes ( here ) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- E' importante sottolineare che, purtroppo, dal momento che non vi sono correlazioni con gli anni , che non avrà mai il 100 % di precisione ....

And, I am with you on wanting to "play the field" with Chanel. Dark juice, bottle smells like heaven anyway, even unopened. Shaking reveals that there is a glass bottle of liquid in there, and that there is probably not a lot of space in the bottle. Both bottle #1 and outer Box #2 are marked "Chanel Inc. Was the 1960 reformulation significant enough to factor in, here?

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