Laws regarding backdating poa at recorders

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But, this year the focus was on the QUALITY of the notes section irrespective of size.

I learned that notes sections can be good or bad based on how well they are written (obviously), how well organized they are, and how much relevant content they have.

Some notaries are doing a lot better than other notaries on 123notary. Has anything changed in the last year since we talked about analytics the last time?

Notaries with excellent notes sections outperform notaries with mediocre notes in comparable positions by double or triple in most cases.

In the end, the Sadowskis lost both battles for their home and their marriage. This settlement reflects the first implementation of the SECs new policy, announced in June 2013, under which the agency will require admissions of wrongdoing in connection with the settlement of certain enforcement actions.

They no longer live that American dream, but their outlook has changed. Things dont buy happiness, Krichelle Sadowski said. On August 19, 2013, the SEC entered into a settlement agreement with Phillip Falcone and his advisory firm, Harbinger Capital Partners, based on allegations that Falcone used $113 million in Harbinger assets to his personal benefit, had favored certain investors at the expense of other investors, and had improperly manipulated bond prices.

Carmen and I talked in depth about this issue about nine months ago.

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