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Hungry to break through, cocky, part daredevil, and the rest know-it-all, a kid whose spray of bravado and narcissism gets in the way of his talent—this description of La Beouf's early characters, from Young Dito in 2006's , could stand in for the actor's own.

If you don't know the latter film, it poses this question: Does the devotion to craft and, finally, fearlessness that sent Cody up on the sky-high waves time and again excuse the willfulness and need to conduct his life on land as if he were still on the water?

There are two kinds of people in the world: those who’ve already seen the hilarious clip of actor Shia La Beouf screaming, “Just DO IT!

” furiously at the camera for two minutes, and those who will.losing it.

When I sat down with him this past September in New York, I wouldn't have been surprised if he'd been more interested in feeding his mystique than answering my questions—for instance, that working with Lars von Trier furthered the assumption that anyone out to make sense of La Beouf was best to view him through a lens of ironic detachment.

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