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A man who had a face transplant after shooting himself in the head has revealed the incredible results.

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She was raised by liberal boomer parents who came of age in the sixties.

Influenced by that decade’s liberties, and chastened by its excesses, they encouraged her to think of youthful sexual experimentation as a healthy prelude to a coupled life. For young, straight, well-educated American women, sleeping around for pleasure and experience has become a social convention, the way dancing the cotillion at a débutante ball once was. Following her visit to the clinic, she fantasized about giving herself over to “the project of wifeliness,” as she saw many of her peers doing, indulging in the sort of triumphal social-media posts—engagement photos, wedding photos, baby photos—that advertise the twenty-first-century life cycle of young couples.

He was later transferred to the Mayo Clinic where he met plastic surgeon, Dr. Despite numerous surgeries, doctors could not repair his face. After returning home he would lie about what happened, and barely had a social life. ‘You eventually say, `OK, is there something else we can do?

”‘ He continued to make trips to the mayo clinic over five years but then received a phone call in 2012 that would change his life.

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