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Very supportive, went over options only as a pro forma and then scheduled. Virginia Siegfried (Essure) Planned Parenthood Santa Maria: Dr. Wyatt (Essure, Tubal Ligation, Hysterectomy, and Endometrial Ablation) Santa Rosa: Dr. Said woman was very educated and informed about her choice, so perhaps do some research before going to her? Natasha Knight, MD, at All Valley Women's Care. Good for female sterilization from tubal to filshie to Essure and long term BC like IUD. Only question asked was if I talked to my partner about getting a vasectomy instead because it's considerably cheaper and less invasive. Tonya Caylor, Hillside Family Medicine; Anchorage, AK, USA She is a GP, does pelvics/paps/STD testing, and also inserted my Nexplanon. I just saw her for an initial consult about sterilization, and she warned me of the potential difficulties of getting it done as a woman under 30, but referred me to the local gyns she thought would be most likely to want to help me get it done now and is rooting for me. He's expensive, but super skilled, experienced, and has made quite a name for himself in the field of urology.) San Jose: Dr. San Juan Capistrano: CHRISTIAN GEORGE BOEHMER MD, Kaiser Permanente Santa Ana/Mission Viejo/ San Juan Capistrano: Dr. Charlene Reimnitz (bilateral salpingectomy) Los Olivos Women’s Medical Group. Kurt Wharton (Essure, Tubal Ligation, Hysterectomy, Endomentrial ablation) https:// (Vasectomy, I believe) Ukiah: Dr Peter Cho (Essure, tubal). For military members (Vasectomy), So Cal/SW AZ Area: Naval Hospital San Diego Urology Clinic Dr Cheryl Loan Vu - Sunnyvale Ca - 408-730-4240 - Sterilized a 30 yo cf woman so unsure if she has an age limit. Jennifer Pitotti] Lowry Medical Plaza; Comprehensive Women's Health Center (720) 848-9500 or 720-810-5442 Got approved for Essure at 22, done in same building. Ashley Hill (Salpingectomy, IUD, Essure) Panama City: Dr. Yelena Mikich, 2 Medical Center Dr, Springfield, MA 01107, (413) 732-2311 (IUD, Essure, Tubal Ligation, Salpingectomy. The son of prominent, anti-gay black televangelist Bishop T. Jakes has been arrested and charged with indecent exposure.

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The detectives arrested Jakes on a charge of indecent exposure."The details are available in a graphically detailed arrest warrant presented by the Dallas Police Department. Jakes is pastor of the 30,000 member Potter's House in Dallas.

The narrative includes which hand the younger Jakes used to "gratify himself"—he's a lefty—and several mentions of Jakes' "fully erect poenis." The only details missing are size and distinguishing marks. That might have something to do with the fact Jakes missed his court date, a warrant was issued and he turned himself into police this morning. The mega-church pastor has lead national prayer services after Hurricane Katrina with former President George W. Jakes was one of several prominent mega-church pastors and evangelicals who met with then-Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama in a June closed door meeting to discuss his positions on "gay rights, abortion and other issues." Jakes reportedly has had cordial meetings with Soulforce, the gay youth activists, but does not have an inclusive ministry.

Huffer from Alaska Interior Urology ( Anchorage Co Dr. Paul Turek (Vasectomy) (Notes: Did not question my decision at all, and I'm 28, single, with 0 kids. He did my husband's vasectomy and is wonderful. Marc Rosenthal, OB/GYN (Tubal Ligation and Essure) Creek: Dr. Amy Breakstone CCOG (Essure, Tubal Ligation, Hysterectomy, birth control including Mirena, Para Gard, and the pill) Newark - Dr. Belarmino, Watson Clinic Main Campus (Vasectomy) Tampa: Steven Greenberg, M. Shaya, MD, MPH, FACOG ( Tubal/essure under 30 without children. Overall, zero bingoes from him or his staff, and three total appointments (consultation, surgery, and post-op). Phillip Kick - Urology group of Western New England - 10 Main St #2, Florence, MA 01062 (413) 584-4278 (also has other offices) - vasectomy no scalpel. had my first- informational, short conversation- no bingoes - "how many kids do you have? Doesn't do Filshie clips because of "high rate of failure".) Quincy: Harvard Vanguard, Dr. Appointment with Dr Young was short, paid full price for both the appointments. James Buss, MD, Fairview Brooklyn Park and Maple Grove Hospital. Gregory Steeber, MD via Health Partners Clinics https:// Isn't CF himself, but totally supports and understands the reasons a couple may want to be "DINKs" for life. Courtney Angell Rockhill Women's Care Independence: Dr Robert Caffrey (bilateral salpingectomy) [Independence Women's Clinic] Camaryn Chrisman Robbins, Bilateral Salpingectomy, Barnes-Jewish Hospital Center for Advanced Medicine (314)362-4211 St. Colleen Mc Nicholas, Tubal Ligation & Essure Barnes Jewish Hospital Center for Advanced Medicine (314)362-4211 St. Sarah Gernhart, MD via OBGYN, link to general Contact Info for Methodist Women's Center. Brian Karre and his office is Methodist Indian Hills office, he operates at the Methodist Women's Hospital. She said BSs are the main procedure she does and she never asked for my reasons! O., Mid-City OBGYN (402) 397-6600 - Did not ask questions other than "are you sure this is what you want?

To complicate matters, authorities say Jermaine Jakes exposed himself to two male undercover vice detectives.

Procedures - bilateral salpingectomy w/ endometrial ablation - went off without a hitch.) Springfield: Dr. Pagar, Pioneer Valley Urology (large practice, many Urologists here), 100 Wason Ave #120, Springfield, MA 01107 (Vasectomy) Stoughton: Renz Counseling, Luanne Baker LICSW 378 Page St, Stoughton Ma 339-364-8510 Weymouth: Dr. He will listen to your concerns, explain his actions throughout the procedure, and is overall very careful and confident.

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