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Ross said the flurry of activity around the release of her new album "I Love You" has been "food for the soul." She performs Monday at The Palace of Auburn Hills."It's a fun thing," Ross told the Detroit Free Press.

"It's a privilege to walk onstage and do what I do...

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Vlad's Mercedes is hidden on purpose; he doesn't want another pap to jump his shot because that kills its value. ' The asshole is piggybacking on me, punching at me. '" Paps live on situational awareness – a sixth sense anticipating what is going to happen next. He shoots Vlad an isn't-that-something look, but Vlad just curses, spits and piles back into the car. " "There's this kid on Sunset parked right by the fucking gym, sitting in his car, doing coke at 10 in the morning. First you see a dude beatin' off in Hollywood. "It's like they only cared that I got the picture." The Mercedes is now back in position. He also called Ashley Tisdale a name not uttered in polite society after the star used her niece as a shield to ward off Vlad and other paps. I first met him at King's Road Cafe in West Hollywood, a quiet restaurant that Vlad semi-hates because he's had to shoot Jane Lynch there repeatedly. '" Well, "had to" is a relative term; paps like Vlad are an OCD bunch of characters. New legislation went into effect in California on January 1st, preventing paps from shooting kids in an alarming or terrorizing manner based on their parents' fame.

Paps are known by their nicknames – Bam-Bam, Zazy, Top Hat Rick and Mexican Vlad, not to be confused with our Vlad, who is also known as the Black Russian. Vlad spies a double-decker bus heading down Sunset. He cuts the dude off and barks more creative obscenities. He jumps out of the car and starts shooting bunnies. "Hey, girls, looking lovely." He locks eyes with an Asian bunny. A phone call comes in from Dominic, a 19-year-old pap from Zurich. You come to fuckin' West Hollywood, you see some dude doin' coke." Dominic clicks off, and Vlad takes the Mercedes back to the London hotel. After Harrelson finally stalked away, Vlad called in to the TMZ office. "This dude just attacked me, and all I hear back is, ' Did you get the shot? '" Afterward, Harrelson semiseriously claimed he'd just come from wrapping and thought Vlad was, uh, a zombie. If they see a celeb, they pathologically need to shoot them, even if they just nailed them four hours ago, which is why no celeb believes a pap when he says, "Just one shot, and I'm gone." It was a few days after Vlad had been pulled over by the Beverly Hills Police Department while tailing Amy Adams. This sucks for the paps, since mom-and-kid shots sell best.

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