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Alla Gerber in the presentation of annual award "The men of the year" 27th of January / On the 26th of January, the annual International Conferences for Students and young Scientists was opened in the Museum of Jewish History and the Holocaust in the Memorial Synagogue, which belongs to the Russian Jewish Congress.The greetings were spoken by the president of the Center "Holocaust" Alla Gerber, the first secretary of the ambassady of Israel Noah Ginosar and the UN's director of the Informational Center in Moscow Vladimir Kuznezov, who read the greeting of the new General Secretary of the UN Gutyeresh.He then worked for N P Mander Ltd in London while studying at the Gerwerblicheberufsschule fur Musikinstrumegntenbau in Ludwigsburg, Germany.

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As space was always somewhat limited and also because of a fire in March 2000 that started in the machine room roof, a new workshop has been built in a stunning position overlooking the 12th century village church and with panoramic views of the hills.

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The Interregional Holocaust Foundation was established in Moscow in 1997.

It is the first organizations in the post-Soviet era aimed at preserving the memory of Holocaust victims, creating museums and documentary exhibitions, including the subject in the curricula of schools and institutions of higher education, organizing commemorative events, erecting monuments, and gathering of evidence and memoirs.

A visa exemption for holders of Russian ordinary passports came into effect on 31 March 2017.

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