updating blackberry verizon - Dynamic distribution group not updating

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However, for small groups you need to have a value to filter on, such as city, office, etc, and may need to add additional attributes to user's account in order for a dynamic group to work.To create a dynamic group: When a user opens a dyanmic distrubation group, they'll see a simple contact: In the Address Book, the Dynamic Distribution Group is marked with a gear icon over the group icon.

Most of the time to access the advanced features always one need to use the Power Shell, but Microsoft provides nice GUI for creating dynamic membership for a group; with one condition, you need to have Azure AD Premium License to access this feature! To know more about how to create an ‘Advanced Rule, ‘ you can check out this Microsoft article.

There is no doubt it is the most needed feature for admin which will save you tons of hour which you can concentrate on more productive works.

Microsoft confirmed that the dynamic group membership is usually updated within a minute. Microsoft offers Advanced Rule option right under where you defined your dynamic membership condition.

This one-minute latency won’t be an issue because if we want to add the user to a group manually then it will take more than a minute of our time. Currently, no GUI is available for framing the advanced rule, so one need to construct the rule manually with lots of commitment.

The problem is that distribution lists and security groups are often manually maintained by the Exchange or Active Directory administrator.

Dynamic distribution group not updating

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