Dating black women in spain

by  |  19-Jan-2020 20:02

If I respond with “New Jersey” they refuse and say, “No, where are you REALLY from.” If I say “I’m Ghanaian,” they say, “Oh when did you move to the U.

S.,” which of course, I then have to respond by saying, “No, I was born in New Hampshire and spent my formative years in New Jersey.” In order to avoid confusion, I’ve settled on the response, “I grew up in New Jersey, but both my parents are from Ghana,” and that usually seems to do the trick.

Because once again, as Black men, we know this is not just a Trick Daddy issue – it’s a mentality that runs far too deep among ourselves.

The problem with our collective silence and our inability to affirm the worth of the Black woman is that we truly expect her to affirm us whenever we’re disrespected.

”But privately, we know damn well that he’s not joking and he’s actually uttering an ideology that far too many of us have participated in at some point in our lives.

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