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has focused intense scrutiny on the foreign donations and speaking fees that Bill and Hillary Clinton's network attracted while Hillary served as secretary of state.

The book's release prompted widespread discussions over whether foreign money — given either as contributions to the Clinton Foundation or fees for Bill Clinton's speeches — could have created conflicts of interest for the nation's chief diplomat and potential future president.

Her boyfriend, a former Uzbek pop star, is believed to be the 'person being dragged along the floor'.

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Gulnara dating

Loving, caring, ambitious, challenging, romantic, kind, intelligent.

28th July 2017, 0 comments Uzbekistan said Friday it has jailed the eldest daughter of late President Islam Karimov, Gulnara Karimova -- once a prominent socialite, fashion designer and singer -- after charging her with massive fraud and money laundering.

She has been reportedly under house arrest in the country since 2014 after publicly feuding with her mother and her younger sister Lola on Twitter.

She did not attend her father's funeral in September.

She also organised a fashion week, had her own jewellery line and released pop singles under the name Googoosha as well as running entertainment television channels.

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